Dance Club

A club that focuses on music and movement which also performs during school events.

Glee Club

A club trains vocal skills and usually provides intermission numbers during school events.

Art Club

A club that taps the abilities of students in the arts; charcoal drawing, painting and crafts.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout

The school is currently a member of the Boy Scout of the Philippines and Girl Scout of the Philippines which promote community involvement and social responsibility amongst the students.


A school paper that is run and written by the students.

School Photography

A vital piece to be used in the publication of the school paper.

Student Council

Consists of elected officers that focuses on school and community service. Teaches decision making and implementation of rules.

Acad Soc

An academic club that trains students with subject specialties.

Badminton Club

A sport that trains hand-eye coordination, speed and agility which also promotes good exercise for students.

Basketball Club

A sport that trains sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork.